Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More Tote Bags

 I've made four more tote bags for Arjuna and have pretty much used up my stash of heavy fabric.  These totes are medium sized, perfect for carrying everyday items. Here are two of them:

I have had a bit of difficulty letting some of these go.  My daughter nearly wouldn't let me leave with the red one.  She wants it.

I am going up to Burlington this weekend. Since I'm still having fun with this project I plan to visit my other daughter and... renew my stash of upholstery fabric from Rags & Riches in order to make more bags. 

Oh Lordy Lordy.  I am becoming my grandmother.  We used to tease Nana Silva about her stash.  She liked to knit and had converted a small bedroom into a huge closet for crafting supplies.  She was always saying she was going to use up her yarn to make one last afghan.  Then she would run out of yarn in the middle of the project, buy more, have some left over and say, "I have to use this up to make one last project.  Then I will clean everything up." This circular pattern continued to the end of her life. 

I seem to have inherited it.

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