Monday, October 10, 2011

A Kirigami Wedding Heart

I have finished a custom kirigami heart for a woman in Athens, Greece who is giving it to her daughter as a wedding present.  The papercut is a bifold in the shape of a heart.  It depicts the bride and groom, a couple who already have twins, a little boy and little girl.  I made them children instead of babies, however, as babies don't come across as well in these kind of designs/

A wreath of flowers surrounds the papercut. In the center is the loving couple holding a star, symbol of bright happiness and light. Under their arms are the twins gesturing toward a seashell. Beneath the shell is a branch of coral. Above their heads are two birds, symbol of love, peace, and spirit. The children are surrounded by another heart.

I like the challenge of doing custom work.  Novelty and uniqueness pleases me. 

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  1. Your work is absolutely stunning!Thank you for your blog.