Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Trip to Rags & Riches

I drove to South Burlington, VT yesterday and let myself swim in several rooms of gorgeous home fabrics at Rags & Riches, the largest discount designer fabric outlet in New England.  It is difficult to get out of that place without buying too much.  I had a nice chat with the owner who said, "When you work here you go nuts the first couple of years and buy everything.  Then when your attic, drawers, under your beds, garage and every available storage nook is full, you settle down to simple enjoying things visually.  All of our employees have outrageous stashes of fabric."  I related to that.

I bought a few tapestry fabrics and began sewing some more totes when I arrived home.  I have the style down now so the time spent is more productive.  I will probably sew these for one more week and that will be enough for this year.  Here are three of my newest creations:

They will be hanging with the others in Arjuna, Woodstock, VT or in Rochester.
Stay tuned.

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