Friday, October 14, 2011

Making a Star of David Papercut

Making a papercut of the Star of David in a bifold is a bit complicated, so I was practicing last night.  I've been cutting wee little holiday ornaments while resting in my Night Studio and I thought these would make nice gifts for some people I know.

Normally, I don't draw before I cut, but these must be geometrically precise, so I've sketched a bit.  Hopefully, I will eventually be able to cut them by sight - but not yet.

First I make a regular four- fold base, as I would do on any other eight-sided mandala...


 and then cut a design around the edge as a border.
 I will be cutting the Star in the center, so now I open up the piece to a bifold (folded only once. and lightly sketch half a Star onto it.


I cut along the outside edge, leaving a band at the side as a connector.


I cut out the inside center and the top and bottom.


Now I must use a knife to cut out the two side triangles.

And... Voila! The Star appears when you open your paper.


Can you tell which one of these was my first attempt?

These will be laminated today along with two dozen other tiny ornaments.  I almost have enough kirigami ready for the Chandler Gallery Holiday show.  Too see my current work for sale, go to my Etsy shop at

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