Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sewing Ribbonwork During the Storm

For the past few days during Hurricane Irene and in the aftermath when there was no electricity, water or phone, I busied myself during the day by cleaning things out or doing handwork. In the evenings I sewed by candlelight.  I now have more appreciation for all the work people did in older times when lighting was bad.  I sewed a dozen ribbonwork pins, some of which you see below.

I have several kirigami orders to fill now as well.
Yesterday I visited Gallery 47, which was partially underwater in the storm.  Fortunately, people off the street helped Wojtek rescue paintings and sculptures from three feet of water and carry them upstairs.  Meanwhile, his wife Kasia spent her stranded time painting.  Amazingly, she completed three small paintings in the three days she was unable to go out.  Maybe I should turn off the electricity once in a while to get more creative work done. Har.

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