Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Getting Oil Paint to Dry

I've been flummoxed by the fact that the oil paint on the rocking chair hasn't dried in three days. Not even a little!

For two days I've had a fan on it.  Nada.
This morning it occurred to me that the temperature is really cold right now (and I can't bring myself to turn on the furnace yet.)  Perhaps blowing cold air on it just doesn't work.  Maybe it needs heat.

I don't want to use a hair dryer, which some folks recommend, because drying oil paint too rapidly can cause the top layer to dry while the lower layers are still wet and cause cracks to form. (This is how crackle paint works.  Slower heat might work, though.  So I took two of my heat lamps for starting perennials and aimed them at the chair - not too close.  I held my hand by the chair to see how hot it got.  I want warm, not hot.  Let's see what happens.

I used Liquin in my paint mix, thinking this would do the trick.  Generally anything I paint using Liquin dries in a day.  Perhaps I shouldn't have used Titanium White, which is much more slow-drying than Lead White.   Or maybe I should have gone slower instead of painting several layers in one day.  Or used acrylic. Who knows.  None of this would matter, except that I want it to be ready when the baby arrives - and she is already overdue.
Stay tuned.

Later:  The heat lamps worked like a charm!

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