Sunday, August 7, 2011

Teaching a Ribbonwork Class at Fletcher Farm School

The entire day yesterday was spent teaching a class at Fletcher Farm School for Arts and Crafts in Ludlow, VT.  I am quickly falling in love with that place and I want to take all the classes they offer! Fletcher Farm imports experts from all over the country in every kind of craft you can imagine.  This is catnip for someone who has difficulty focusing on only one thing.  I am interested in everything and love to acquire new skills. Clearly, I will have to control myself. Fletcher Farm is my new crack.

I brought my stash of ribbon and ribbonwork do-dads (a technical term) as well as samples of some of the pins I've made in the past.

I had a class of seven, all talented women who already know the basics of hand sewing.

I had intended to take photographs of their creations but we were all so exhausted after seven straight hours that my plans quite fell apart.
Here is the modest flower I ended up making.  Most of my time was spent teaching and demonstrating.

I am scheduled to teach the class again in the fall along with a kirigami class. Since I am now one of their instructors,  I can go back and stock their gift shop with some of my wares.  I should probably do it blindfolded, though, as I am in love with so many of the beautiful things the other artisans have made.

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