Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kirigami Class at Fletcher Farm School

Whew!  This was the first time I've taught a day-long kirigami class and it was way too much! Normally I cut for only 2-4 hours at a stretch - and that is sitting in my Night Studio with my feet up and a movie on.  When I've taught classes in the past, they have been 2-3 hours long.  At the Snowflake Party I am cutting on and off for an entire day but a lot of that day is walking around schmoozing and eating with a little cutting here and there.  This class I taught today went from 9-5, basically two three-hour stretches with lunch in between.  We were all exhausted by the end.  Papercutting is an extremely detailed activity taking lots of concentration.  It was too much for our weary little brains.

That said, we had fun and did a lot of good cutting.  Take a look:

I love these ghosts Merissa cut.  What a spectacular Halloween party invitation they would make.

Luckily, I set up a display of my work because people from other classes came in to see what we were doing.  All in all a good day.

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