Monday, August 8, 2011

Keeping All the Balls in the Air

Thankfully, I've had quite a few sales in the past month.  What this means, however, is that I find myself needing to re-build my inventory of several things:

Last night in my night studio was spent rolling all the new ribbon I've bought to replenish my stash of ribbonwork adornments.  I should probably spend three or four nights making new pins to send off to shops.

I have several new kirigami custom orders on the horizon.  Hopefully, those will pan out and I will be showing you some wonderful work.

All the designs are done for a new coloring portfolio.  I just need to have them printed and assembled.

My prints are selling well at Arjuna but my inventory here in the warehouse (bunk room) is nearly out so I will need to mat & package several dozen more.

This highlights the downside of doing so many diverse things: lots of running around and changing gears.  In my imaginary utopia, I would be able to support myself doing only two things: writing & teaching, and illustration - and those fields would be merged.  I would illustrate my own writing.
Ain't happening.  While some of my diversity is due to my own eclectic interests, much of it is about money.  I, along with my artistic peers, am struggling to make sales in a terrible economy.  So I follow whatever door happens to be open at the moment. Not a great long-term strategy.  But I'm still alive.

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