Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Sorry folks, I probably won't be able to post anything beautiful for a couple of days.  Hurricane Irene hit Vermont pretty hard.  I have driven to the next town to use the internet because I have no phone or electricity right now.

Storm report: The stream next to my house turned into a black, raging river that took out all the culverts from my neighbor above, mine, and even plugged the huge one by the road with felled trees and branches. My road to the pond is washed out, my two bridges washed away, and the water came up nearly to my deck! The roar of boulders coming down the hill and the rushing waters was deafening.
But when I saw the damage elsewhere, I felt grateful to get off so lightly. It made me cry this morning, driving through Woodstock and Quechee. Covered bridges gone, houses washed away, roads carved down ten feet....  I took lots of pictures but won't be able to get them up until I get power back.

Actually, I've gotten a lot of handwork done because I have been stuck indoors with no power. Artwork kept my mind from going bonkers. Better than pacing the floor, wringing my  hands.

Stay tuned!

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