Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hurricane Aftermath

I am still without electricity or phone but I feel fortunate.  I got off easy compared to many here in Central Vermont.  I drive into Woodstock each day to get on the internet so I can get news. Herea re some photos of what happened close to me.  Many roads are washed out.  Several towns are islands - no way in or out - electrical substations damaged so I don't know when power will be back on.  I ate lots of meat and milk yesterday as my freezer defrosted.  The local store gave away melting  food in their freezers to the fire department and rescue squad to feed workers.

All the photos below are of the aftermath.  I couldn't take pictures during the storm but I assume it was much worse.  Some of the worst devastation in my area I haven't even seen yet because the roads are washed away.  The first two photos are of my normally small stream.  It jumped its banks and eroded the road to the pond and took out a culvert. 

The other photos are of places along the road toward Woodstock and the Quechee Bridge. You will notice in one photo the propane tanks hung up on the destroyed bridge.  These were swept away from the Gas company in Woodstock seven miles away.  Some of them crashed into things and exploded. This bridge is normally about 20 ft above the river but the water came all the way up and brought things with it. Sheesh.

  I have driven into Woodstock again to use the internet.  No power or phone yesterday but today the phone works on and off.  The power company says they don't know when power will be back on - maybe weeks for some - because several major substations were damaged.  The destruction is immense.  It is so sad. The worst is that so many roads are washed away that repair crews can't get places. 

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