Monday, August 1, 2011

A Few More Coloring Mandalas - and a love letter

News:I've been working hard in my night studio to finish enough mandalas for two portfolio sets.  I think I've finally got enough.  I've sent off images to have the first one printed.  Now I just have to format the second set's images into a new cover. In a couple of weeks I should have a new series finished and then... the dreaded marketing.  Anyone want to be my agent?  I'm great at pumping out product but I suck at marketing.


And now for the love letter:  Last night I was lying awake thinking of what I could show you next, even though at the moment I am absorbed with these coloring projects.  I kept thinking "That is not enough," as if these designs don't have the weight of, say, a painting.  As I caught myself considering things that might please you, I realized how grateful I feel that so many of you come to my blog each day to see what I've been doing lately.  It really spurs me on and keeps me engaged.
 My daily hits have crept up to an average of 270 per day from only 50 two years ago. I expected my friends in the US to visit this blog once in a while. More surprising is that so many of you who visit regularly are from India, United Kingdom, Romania, Canada, Australia, Philippines, Slovakia, Italy, Pakistan and Japan.  From you I hear only encouragement and praise, which countermands my self-critical tendencies and spurs me on.
So...  Thank you.  Thank you for the love and attention, for all the good comments, and for being what every artist needs: someone who is interested in my work.   Thank you.

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