Saturday, August 13, 2011

Curses. Ruined Papercut

Last night I began cutting an elaborate heart for a commission.  I was happy with the edge, which was on its way to being very filigreed. I started cutting the motifs: house, happy couple hearts, flowers....  Then, since the couple is from Canada, I thought I'd put some maple leaves in.  But I was tired from a long day and I decided to cheat a bit and use a little leaf punch I have.  (I rarely use patterned punches.  Usually I stick to using only three sizes of circles, if any.)  Big mistake.  I hadn't used that punch in years, so I was unfamiliar with it and it was of the type meant to punch the edge of a single piece of paper.

I slid my beautiful papercut into the punch and...

One movie worth of work, ruined.  That will teach me.  I haven't made a stupid move like this in a very long time.  Sometimes I cut a motif badly, or what I think will look nice comes out less than spectacular, but this was a real error in judgement and I should have known better.  Oh well, I will begin again tonight.

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