Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Unbound" Show at Artistree Gallery

In the pouring rain, dozens of people showed up last night for "Unbound,"the opening of the book arts show at Artistree Gallery, Woodstock, VT.  The show was sensational! It was amazing to see the diverse interpretations from many creative minds of what a book could be.  Here are the photos I took.  Later, when Adrian, the gallery owner, sends me the list, I will add the names of the artists.


There were a few books made from unusual materials: clay, hammered metal, wood...

Several items were handmade accordian books of unusual skill and beauty.


This was one of my favorites. The cover is an old corset and inside are collaged pages of a woman's world, with a doll embedded into the last page.

Barbara Bartlet had two entries from her "Tea" collection. These are books made from used tea bags and tea.

This is an enormous book! You need two hands to turn the pages.

I adore this dress made from the pages of a book.  The bustle is very origami-like.


This book has a peephole. Press the button and a light goes on inside which illuminates a tiny picture. I love the concept of "looking inside" the book.

Some of the entries were very sculptural, like these shoes made from book pages.



Many played around with the idea of taking words off the page.

This exquisite globe by Judith uses found objects wound together into an organic whole, the same way a writer gathers images together into a story.

Happily, my little movable book was very well received.


It was in the same room as the other tiny books.

 If you have a chance to come see this show, please do.  It runs from now to September 6th, 2011.

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