Saturday, July 23, 2011

Teaching Branding: Packaging & Display class today

I was all set to teach a class called Branding: Packaging & Presenting Your Product when it was canceled last week because too few students signed up.  (I am deliberately not mentioning the name of the school.)  So I went ahead and planned other things this weekend.  Then yesterday I received a call from the school saying there had been a mixup. Someone forgot to tell the student who had signed up that the class was canceled and she had shown up at the school after traveling from Connecticut, gotten a hotel room, etc.  I spoke with her over the phone and she begged me to help her out after all the trouble she'd gone through to get there.

I was pretty upset by this, not for myself but for her.  This is the first time I've agreed to teach at that school and let me tell you, this doesn't impress me.  Hopefully it was a rare mistake and won't ever happen again.

So, today I will be teaching a day-long class here at my house for one person. It would have been to difficult to haul everything over there at the last minute so I asked the student if she would be willing to come to my studio instead. 

I hope this works out well in the end.  I am scheduled to teach this class again in the fall at Artistree here in Woodstock, VT.  This will be good practice.

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