Sunday, July 24, 2011

Organizing New Coloring Categories

As I've worked on a new design for my coloring portfolio cover, I've come to realize that I need to create series or rather, my work falls into categories and I'd better get that straight now before I go too far down the path of manufacturing pages.  So far I see three series taking shape:  A. my original bouquet series (four sets,) B. the mandala series, and C. the open series (frames, wreaths, etc.)  For now, I will leave the first series in black portfolios, but the mandala series will be in the white folders, which I am now redesigning. 

I also realize that it is fun and easy for me to create lots of mandala designs, so I will have several sets in the mandala series pretty quickly.  I have the folder worked out, the cello sleeve chosen, and many designs already created.  It won't take long to actually have a couple of sets ready to sell.  It is my hope that each series can have a journal that goes with it.  We shall see.

Here are a few more mandalas I've done recently:

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