Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Meeting With Gallery 47

A couple of evenings ago I invited the owner of Gallery 47 to dinner and to look at my "new" oil paintings - mostly what I did last winter. I was pretty encouraged by his review.

He said they were much better than what he was expecting (which makes me wonder !)  He gave me very valuable critique, which we discussed for a while.  He said that he could immediately see that I am in transition from one medium to another, probably watercolor, yes?  Wow, I thought, he has a good eye.
When I asked how he could tell that, he said that watercolor doesn't have as much depth as oil and he also knows I am an illustrator and that such work is more stylistic.  I told him that value is my weakest component but I am always reticent to fool too much with a painting in fear I might wreck it.  "That is a watercolor mentality" he replied and I realized he was right.

He told me to do another batch and have him come look again.  "If you can create more depth, your paintings will be magnificent," he encouraged.  "You are already genius with design and composition.  Just keep practicing with the new medium."

I thought that was a pretty good review and inspires me to push on.

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