Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kirigami Keepsake Card: Friends in the Woods with Critters

Here is one of my new style kirigami Keepsake Cards.  These will be for sale at Arjuna in Woodstock, VT or online in my Etsy shop.  The outer card is made from Langdell paper - a small Vermont handcrafted paper - and then hand-stamped and gilded by me.  The card is boxed in clear acrylic to protect it, yet allow people to see the inside.  In the past, I've created dimensional cards in a triangular fold-out form which is difficult to display without letting people handle them (not a great idea.)  Making the movable book gave me the idea to make them this way, which lends itself to merchandising much more.  (Not that I will be making a lot of these.  They are VERY labor intensive for the money.  But I always have to have something to do in my night studio and I like working with paper.

Later this morning I will be traveling to Bridgewater Corners, far far up into Chataguay woods to meet an incredible artist, Paedra Bramhall.  If shehe lets me take photographs of hir work I will show them to you tomorrow.  This is way out in nowhere'sville, so right now I have that old song in my head.... "Oh he never returned, no he never returned, and his fate is still unlearned.  He will ride forever 'neath the streets of Boston.  He's the man who never returned...."  Know that one?

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