Saturday, July 16, 2011

Inspired By: Paedra Bramhall

What a wonderful morning I had today visiting the home and studio of Paedra Bramhall in Bridgewater Corners, Vermont!  Shehe is a trans-gender, nationally known sculptor, glassblower, and painter who lives way out in the woods of Chataguay between Woodstock and Killington mountain.  Paedra built hir house and studio and creates hir own electricity from hydro power from a nearby brook.  The house is heated with wood.  It is truly inspiring.

 As I toured the foundry and studio, I was impressed with the boldness of the work, especially the sculpture of years past.  Look at these gorgeous, huge fountains! (Sorry, they were not turned on so you can't see the play of water on metal and glass.)

Shehe has magical glass globes and sculptures all over the place - a medium worked in in the past.

In the home studio (so large and full of light - I nearly wept with jealousy) I saw large stacks of these nudes, a project from a few years ago.

Currently Paedra is creating huge digital paintings on canvas using collages of photographed images. These are bold, striking, almost psychedelic works which keep you looking deeper and deeper into them, discovering layers of meaning and design.

I could have stayed all day looking at Paedra's magical place and impressive work. Alas, other things called.  For more information, check out this prolific artist hidden in the hills of Vermont at

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