Monday, June 20, 2011

Trying a New Method for Creating a Mandala

I've been wanting to use my kirigami mandalas as a pattern for coloring designs and have tried several ways of doing that.  The other day I hit upon another one.

Over the weekend I had a famous Canadian intuitive, Brenda Stone, at my house.  I hosted her visit and she gave readings to a gaggle of people.  I was incredibly busy scheduling, entertaining, giving energy readings, feeding people, keeping track of Brenda's time, and selling things in my little gallery which is still set up in the living room.   Between busy moments, I sketched.  Today I have a template done which will become eight different borders to eight line-drawn mandalas. Each one will be like my combination cut kirigamis, with a multi-fold border and a bifold interior.  Here is the template.  Can you see the eight areas?

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