Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Movable Book is Nearly Finished!

I'm on the home stretch now.  My movable book, "In My Garden" is nearly done.  I spent all day yesterday late into the night working on it (I'm kinda sick of it now so I want to finish.)  The deadline for entry into the show is tomorrow.  Of course, there are imperfections I would like to fix, but there isn't time.  Today I will show you my mess and tomorrow you will see the book itself.

As you see, I made a giant mess with this project. I am grateful to have a studio to make messes in. I remember the days when I took over part of a pantry or worked on the dining room table.  For years my studio was my bedroom. That was a challenge.

Here is my spray box.  I affixed some of the pieces with spray adhesive.  It is better to spray inside a box like this so little sticky droplets don't get all over the studio.  That would be a nightmare.  I can't spray outdoors because it is raining.  Of course, the windows are open for ventilation.

I sewed the pages together with a simple cord running through the edge of each folded page.  I decided against a coptic binding or any formal bookbinding stitch because it was impossible to know how tightly to bind it and my method was to assemble it after it was put together, not before. I wanted the cord to be loose until I was finished.

Here I am beginning to assemble one of the pop-up pages. Each one was a combination of folding, cutting, and gluing.  I sweated bullets praying that my hand wouldn't slip and get the glue in a vital area. I used spray adhesive for some flat parts, Zots for much of the fold-out pieces, and a touch of Elmers now and then for difficult areas.

Now to finished tying the binding, photograph everything and submit an entry form.
Stay tuned.

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