Saturday, June 11, 2011

Making a practice pop-up book

I want to make a movable book for one of my entries in the book arts show coming up later this month.  Since I haven't made a bound book in years, I thought I'd better practice a bit first.  Yesterday I showed you some of the practice pop-ups I've been working on.  Here are a few more.

It's a good thing I'm practicing first because I've made quite a few mistakes -- or rather choices that I don't want to repeat.  I've used a coptic stitch to bind the pages together.  I'd forgotten how difficult it is to get everything tight enough to hold the book together but not so tight that it won't stay closed. Practice makes perfect.

I used mat board for the front and back covers, with a kirigami design printed on handmade paper glued on with spray adhesive.  I wanted to see how well the adhesive holds on lighter-weight paper. (It doesn't hold well using cardstock.

I found that the binding doesn't pull the odd pages close enough together to make the kirigami look good.  Here's what I mean:  You can see the gap behind the papercut - looks messy.

Here I tried to cover the gap with a more solid papercut, which looks better.

In this case, I put a papercut right over the gap between the pages to obscure it.  Not bad. I will write something in the white space to the right.

A friend asked me why I'm spending so much time on a book I won't be entering in the show.
My reply was "Would you enter a writing competition with only the first draft of a story?" 

So many people think that good art just flows from the artist like radiant rays of colorful light, as obedient to one's imagination as the Genie was to Aladin.  Sorry folks, art is work that you Practice. Practice. Practice.

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