Tuesday, June 7, 2011

BookArts: Monday's Child -Putting the Book Together - session 2

Here is the final version of "Monday's Child," the kirigami "book" I made to enter into the Unbound show at Artistree in Woodstock, VT.  

I am not completely satisfied with it but I think this is as far as I'm going to go with this little "book." In the end, it actually isn't that little, as the base that it sits on is 24" in diameter and is made to hang from the ceiling.  When hung, it spins around so that the days of the week repeat themselves; time rolls on.

If I were to ever do this again (not likely) I would glue the kirigami down completely because it shifts quite a bit when the book is opened and shut. This destroys the dimensional aspect of the papercut, however.  I would make the papercut fit on one solid page instead of folding in half to fit on two pages.

The idea is grand and I can see that were I to perfect this form, it could be lovely.  No time, though. You will just have to imagine it in its perfection.

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