Monday, June 13, 2011

Book Arts Entry -In My Garden - session 1

I've decided on a concept for the book arts entry I am going to create.  It will be a movable book which uses a combination of two dimensional and three dimensional papercuts as content.  It will be called "In My Garden" and relate simple things about the joy of having a garden. I will show you my progress as it happens.
First I printed out images of previous papercuts in a pale gray to be on the pages opposite text.  Then, on every other spread will be a pop-up cutting that illustrates that idea.  Here is the main part of the first cutting, not yet attached to the page. 

Here the first page  "I have a garden that surrounds my little cottage in the beautiful hills of Vermont."

Tomorrow I will show the next stage and the next day... until it is finished.  I will need to finish the book by Friday, as I am busy with guests this weekend and the deadline for entry is thereafter.
So stay tuned Amici.

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