Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nuno Wet Wool Felting

Yesterday I went to visit my genius friend Judy Jensen, one of the most creative people I know.   For years she has been working in clay and has a lovely little shop in Rochester, Vermont.  Lately her attention has turned to creating nuno wool felted silk scarves. (Note: the images shown here are from the web, not Judy's work.  I will take photos of her things later.)


While we were visiting, she brought out a basket full of them to show me.  I was breathless at how beautiful they are.  Suddenly a million ideas came flooding into my head about how to expand my wearable using this technique.

 So Judy generously offered to let me come to her studio tomorrow and do some felting with her.  I've never done nuno felting so this will be an exciting new adventure.  I will let you know how it goes in the next couple of posts.

Until then, here are some more images from around the web of what nuno felting is. (I don't have any of Judy's work but I will take photos tomorrow.) 
Stay tuned, meine Freunde.

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