Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nuno Wet Wool Felting Project - Step 2: the scarf

The first day in Judy Jensen's studio I thought several hours of making prefelt and putting together the design was a lot.  I was so tired when I came home.  Little did I know that the hard part was yet to come!

At the end of the first day I put a design down in wool which would become the scarf. Judy had marked in tape on the table the dimensions of the scarf and laid bubble wrap over that.  I began cutting shapes out of my prefelt (I chose to make a flower design) which I arranged within the scarf boundaries.  I used strips of roving for the vines.

Here Judy is laying a design over silk to make a garment.

After completing my design for one side of the scarf, I carefully laid the turquoise silk over it and then cut out leaves to go on the other side. Then I went home to rest.

The next day I returned to felt the scarf.  I laid a long strip of poly curtain gauze over the whole thing to protect it, wet it down with solution, rolled it into a packet and began rolling the packet back and forth against the ribs of the plastic matting.

The rest of the process was mostly rolling out the scarf to bind the wool to the silk background - rolling for four hours! (When I say roll, I mean push down on the rods so there is good friction against the matting.  Rolling the width of the table and back is one roll, like scrubbing on a washboard.)

Roll 100 times, then open up the packet and position the piece in the opposite direction.  Re-package and roll another 100 time. On and on for 1400 rolls! Oh my aching shoulders, back, and legs! This why Judy has this sign up in her shop: 

After 1400 rolls (Each item varies. You just keep rolling until your wool pushes through the silk and binds) my scarf adhered.  Then I took it to the sink, shocked it with hot water, then cold, carefull wrung it out, hung it to dry and... Voila!

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