Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Making A Display Unit from Closet Doors

For a while now I have been pondering how to make a display unit for the Itty Bitty Art Gallery which is substantial enough to fill a wall, versatile enough to display a variety of goods, portable enough to take to shows, inexpensive, and simple enough to make myself.  I finally figured out a good solution.

The local recycle place sells used household and building items.  I bought a set of closet doors for $15 a pair and ordered several 12" acrylic wall shelves from my favorite display company: Clear Solutions.

After screwing in extra feet to the bottom of each unit so it would stand up on its own, I drilled pairs of holes twelve inches apart up and down each door at intervals of four inches.

After some light sanding, I applied two coats of paint (the same color as my walls so they would blend in. )

Next, I bought 1.5" machine screws and wing nuts to attach the acrylic shelves to the doors. (I'm looking for a prettier solution but this will do for now.)

Later today I will figure out a way to hold the two doors together without interfering with their ability to close up for transport.

The great thing about this is that I can easily configure the units in a variety of ways.  It comes apart easily and is light enough for me to lift onto my car without help.

If I open the doors to a 90 degree angle, I can attach glass or acrylic shelves to it, like a corner unit.  Or I can put them together in a "U" shape and make it into a shelf unit that stands alone, which one can walk around, with displays on all sides.  If I create two more units, I can configure them many ways.

One more thing finished before Open Studio Weekend.

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