Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Inspired by: Dianne K. Stott, feltmaker

Today I went to visit the studio/workshop of a master feltmaker and artist, Dianne K. Stott.


Amazingly, I found her on the internet only to discover that we live about 12 miles from each other.  She very graciously invited me to come to her studio and, thankfully, I had my camera in my car because I was immediately awed by her wonderfulness and drooling over her studio setup.

Apparently, she had the good fortune a few years ago to move her studio out of the upstairs of her house and into a little cottage on her property.

When I say "little" I mean for a house.  For a studio it is something most of us would die for. A kitchen, bathroom, and five rooms for the studio and the basement is her woodworking shop!

Let me take you on a tour.  She immediately said, "Oh no, it's messy." but she didn't know I would be taking pictures and, besides, I like to see how people really work. Dianne was incredibly gracious and showed me everything! How delicious.

The kitchen is her dying room. I guess I don't have a photo of that.

The little dining nook is her artwork area.

The front hall and another room is the display area.

Look at these wonderful jackets.

I love the little felt panda next to the panda jacket.

Dianne makes many felt rugs.  Here is a small one. This photo definitely doesn't do it justice.

Oh, to have an entire room just for designing! Computer, drafting table....

The bathroom is for wet work.

She has a knitting -  spinning room but I didn't get a photo of it.  Dianne takes her creations from the sheep in the barn through the entire wool-process to the felting process to the final creation.

This is the large felting room at the back of the house.

She has had this felt rolling machine for years and has made her own modifications to it.

A new process she is working on is a translucent window hanging.  Here is a small piece.

Here is her needle felting machine - her own invention - (the fabulous Felt-o-Matic) and how I found her on the web. I decided on the small one.  Dianne is a wealth of wisdom on anything wool and generously gave me a lot of good information while I was there.

Dianne Stott's company is called "All's Wool."  Find more about her at her blog (www.woolwinds.blogspot.com)

I am so lucky to live in Vermont, bursting with so many wonderful artisans tucked away in the mountains.

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