Monday, May 16, 2011

Fooling Around With Felt

For the past two evenings I've been experimenting with feltmaking, both needle felting and wet felting. I had dreams of adding felt flowers to my hats and somehow combining felt with my ribbonwork .

I can see that this venture will take a while to perfect, however, so I'm going to abandon it for a while.  I need to get ready for the Open Studio Weekend coming up on May 28th and 29th here in Vermont. 

As soon as I laid out equipment last night to do some felting, my daughter sighed and rolled her eyes. "Another project, Mom?  Really?" 

I know.  I get into too many diverse things.  I have to focus more. I see my art work as falling into three categories, though. Painting and Illustration, Kirigami paperwork, and sewing (or fiber arts, art-to-wear.) And the last two are crafts that keep me busy in the evening.  I have always admired farmers, who have to naturally be renaissance men who know how to do everything. The same with filmmakers, who must possess a wide range of skills to make a movie come together. (My oldest son is a filmmaker.) Why shouldn't I be the same? 

Ok. So I protest too much.

Well, here is what has captured my attention for the past week, which I will be putting aside for a while. All that work and research to produce a few felted flowers. Time to get back to painting.

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