Thursday, April 28, 2011

Poxflower -session 2

My new painting will be called "Poxflower" after the knobby flower which dominates it.  This is a fantasy flower cobbled from bits of two real flowers.   I am using the light coral background on the Ampersand claybord I mentioned yesterday. (Session 1 was creating the background.)

Here I've blocked in the main areas with a thin layer of color over white.  This is not the palette I usually use  (I tend to like cooler colors) so I may struggle a bit but that's OK.  What is creation without a bit of struggle?

This is an 11x14" panel.  I know.  I promised that I would work larger  - and I will - but the Ampersand claybord is new for me and I tend to make my experiments smaller.  So far it's a bit more difficult to paint on than canvas or gessobord because, strangely,  the paint both wants to soak in and smear if it isn't dry but I can see that once I get a few coats on it could be wonderful for work with fine detail. In the future, though, I will probably stick to gessobord.

Here is the pencil sketch. Right now the upper left is blank.  I haven't decided what to put at the top yet.

Stay tuned amigos.

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