Saturday, March 12, 2011

Turquoise Duo - Session 7

An artist friend of mine said I shouldn't be showing off my failures and struggles online. I should just show you the wonderfulness of completed work which comes out well. I have no idea how I would keep up a blog that way; my posts would be so infrequent. Besides, I've decided to take you along on this journey with no makeup on. You see warts and all. I suppose I would look more successful if I were still doing watercolor illustrations instead of a new medium (oil) in a new size (large.) But...

I know. I'm whining again. It is because I am having a hard time with this current painting. Today I spent several hours on it and - in the photos at least - it hardly looks any different than the last time I posted. It is going excruciatingly slowly and I'm not really happy with it. Nevertheless, I will persist and we shall see what comes of it.

I've added several layers of color to the flat green areas as well as the bell-like flowers and berries. They look much nicer in person.

The reality is I don't know any artists whose every endeavor is a success. You just don't usually see the failures. This one isn't a failure. Let's call it a "learning experience."

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