Friday, March 11, 2011

Sewing a Raspberry Colored Quilted Top

For the past three evenings I've been sewing a new top: a raspberry-colored front-closing Chinese Sam with quilting and embroidery on the shoulders, back, and chest. It is difficult to see the quilting in this photo. I will shoot a better one soon.

I had to sew myself something because most of the nice tops I have were made between five and ten years ago and are literally falling apart. My favorite top, a purple quilted and embroidered one below, shredded last week. My elbow came right through the fabric. Darn. I loved that shirt. (Maybe I will try patching it. It's hard to see a loved one dying.)

Quilting tip: To make a section of your garment look quilted without using batting, simple place two pieces of fabric together, laying them across one another so the weft in one piece is perpendicular to the weft in the other piece. Then machine sew your quilting pattern right onto the two pieces with a matching thread. You can embroider over the top piece before you quilt it if you desire. Sew up your garment and then machine wash and dry on hot. The two layers of fabric will shrink in opposite directions and pucker up into a quilted look. Because there is no batting inside, the quilted portion will be light and flexible. Easy peasy.

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