Monday, March 21, 2011

Mural Dreams

I had a dream last night which has me so inspired. I saw myself walking up the stairway in my house to an upstairs hallway with gorgeous, flowing, colorful murals on the walls. Flowers, vines, swirls, trees in soft, warm colors flowed along the hallway to the pink bathroom. It was almost psychedelic. It also peeked into some of the bedrooms, as if the artful vines were creeping into them as well. The stairs and floors were painted a delicious deep turquois color.

I was so thrilled by this that I woke myself up, leaped out of bed to go look at this wonderful creation... only to find myself in the guest bedroom of my mother's house instead.

I am so inspired by this notion, though, that I think I will repaint my hallway and try a mural. It occurs to me that this might just be the way to get myself to paint on a larger canvas without being so intimidated.

Some of you may know of my other life as a life coach and mentor. Currently, I am working on a plan to host private spiritual retreats at my house for one or two people at a time. I've been thinking of re-working my guest bedroom and upstairs for this purpose. What a wonderland it would be with murals in the hallway and bedrooms! Zee little gray cells are working overtime on this idea.

Here are some wonderful murals I found online. None of them are like what I dreamed for myself. They inspire me nonetheless.

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