Friday, March 25, 2011

Bell Tower Angel- Church of the Transfiguration

I'm back from the trip to Cape Cod I take with my mother each March. It is off-season there, so no horrible tourist traffic. March also means, however, that some attractions are closed or open only intermittently.

Normally I relish visiting the Church of the Transfiguration in Orleans, MA to see what progress is being made on that beautiful, artisan creation. It is a huge Byzantine style cathedral full of wonderful artwork, mostly done by the members of the Community of Jesus, a Benedictine commune. Unfortunately, the Church was closed this year on the day I could visit.

I did see the new Bell Tower and the huge bronze angel atop it. Apparently there is significant controversy about its hugeness in that tiny village with its quaint cape cod houses. It is easy to see why. I didn't particularly like the tower. It is overly tall and boxy.

I did like the angel, however. I don't know who He is, and I wish he were lower, but I like him, nevertheless. My mother doesn't like the dark color. She is a Mormon, though, and is used to seeing a gold Angel Moroni atop her religious buildings. Black doesn't bother me, though. Just the box of a tower he is standing on.

I was disappointed to not see the final two frescoes inside the church. Oh well, next year.

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