Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two Flowers Frustration

I'm finally ready to continue with my Two Flowers painting after being discouraged by the fact that my original pencil marks show through the background. The big mistake I made was sealing the painting at a particular stage, forgetting to first erase the pencil. Now it can never be erased and I will have to paint over the marks to cover them up.

This will be a long, painstaking process, as this painting is very detailed. I was feeling discouraged by this and put the whole project aside for a while. Now I think I've calmed down enough to take it up again. These things happen. (Destruction is easy. Creation is hard.)

Since I've finished my two other paintings, and have now painted backgrounds onto two more canvasses, this clean-up work will be taking place while I begin the next two canvases. I want to make them a "matching" pair, and will be painting them simultaneously. Stay tuned.

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