Friday, February 11, 2011

Raspberries - Line Drawing

The images for my new adult coloring journal are coming along.

Several people have asked me about my process so here it is: Each of these drawings is done in several phases. First, I spend some time doing research: looking up photos of whatever subject matter I am drawing. Then I spend two to four hours sketching out the design in pencil on smooth bristol. I generally draw the main subject first, then fill in the space around it with other leaves and flowers. I work the ribbon in and draw in my signature symbol or chop last. Next, I go over the entire drawing in permanent pen (I like to use staedler pro pens) which takes another two hours. With a gum eraser, I remove all the pencil lines. Finally, cleaning and formatting takes another two hours on the computer. I scan the drawing into the computer, put it in Photoshop, and clean it up. This means that I remove all over-strikes and correct any minor mistakes, format it into several versions to use for printing and online, add watermarks, etc. When I'm finished, I make a disk of the files and place my original in a cello sleeve in a portfolio. If this were a blacked-in drawing, I would spend another two or three hours filling in the negative space. Each of these drawings takes me a day to complete. Normally I take a break between each phase to save my hands and eyes. It is tight, detailed work.

Three more to go.

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