Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

"Ode to Love" is a custom kirigami valentine created for a couple who are both singers. Now that it is Valentine's day, I think I can safely post the image here. This is what I intended when I made this for them:

Title: Ode to Love
Symbolism: Two songbirds hold a garland of flowers over your heads for prosperity and abundance. The two men, dressed in formal attire, are performing, singing an ode to love. The heart is what they sing to. They are joined at the hip. Beneath them is a garden in the center of which is a tree (knowledge, strength, stability.)It also grows flowers (beauty, flourishing, joy.) The couple holds the curtains open, letting their light and love and talents shine. The flowers which encircle them look like tiny stars. There are two notes hidden among the flowers. Can you find them?

And here is the response from the happy collector:

"I was amazed that the kirigami came so quickly! I had it framed and presented it to him yesterday. He loved it! The artistry, the symbolism, everything. After doing a thorough review of all the walls in our apartment, James decided that your piece would be given pride of place and hung directly above our headboard. It will be the first thing we see each morning and the last each night.

Thanks again for such beautiful work and quick turnaround. I've shown this to many of my friends and have shared your Etsy information. I hope you see an influx of NYC business in the near future. ;-) "

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