Sunday, January 9, 2011

Two Flowers - step 4

I've switched to water mixable oils and I am so much happier, even though I don't like how long it takes to dry. Oils are so much smoother than acrylic, which gunk up easily because they dry so fast. Water mixable oils are not q u i t e as smooth, but nearly. I definitely need to work on my technique, though. Working large with paint is so different than working small with drawing materials. I am a bit frustrated.

In this step I've continued to lay down blocks of color: the large and small berries and some of the stems. I'm not sure what colors I will end with. For now, I'm just covering the shapes with dark colors, which will be built up later.

A word about the design: I sketched another tangled foliage design for this - something I've been obsessed with for a few years - but it is damn difficult in this medium. Perhaps I am approaching it wrong, using watercolor technique again, which is draw your design, lay down background washes, then slowly paint in the pieces. Because you can't overpaint watercolor, this approach works with that medium. I'm still not comfortable with being able to paint completely different colors on top of each other here. Perhaps I should have begun with a much simpler design. (I'm babbling again. This is the kind of thing I've been muttering as I walk around and around this canvas.) Well . . . stay tuned.

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