Sunday, January 2, 2011

Two Flowers - step 2

I promised my art group that I would start painting again as soon as the holiday were over and this is evidence of my keeping that promise. (My gallery owner friend wants to see the contract signed in blood.)

Here is a canvas 16x20 which I covered in a light wash of cerulean blue and sketched a floral design on several months ago. (Step 1)

In this step(2), I've begun painting the leaves. They have been covered with several coats of acrylic paint: the first a darker chromium oxide green, then several glazes of lime, olive and aqua.

NOTE to my viewers: I've decided to take you along on my painting journey, even though I am not proficient in acrylic or oil. I have done well with colored pencil, pen, watercolor - illustration mediums - but I consider myself a student again when it comes to this medium. I may bungle things - but that's life. You get to come along and see how things develop. It took me several years to master the other mediums. I certainly won't be satisfied with these results right away.

This decision is a bit of a risk for me. It's not always wise to broadcast to the world work that is still evolving. But I figure it is more honest this way and besides, life is too short to have to be perfect. So... welcome!

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