Friday, January 7, 2011

RIP little Shop

I've decided to take down my little shop in West Woodstock, at least most of it. It had a good little run but the location just isn't good enough for me to break even every month. Fortunately, I took the space month to month on a trial basis. I will be keeping the back room through the ski season to sell my Art-to-Wear items.

My card collections are also in there for now.

This isn't such a bad thing. It got the idea of having my own shop out of my system. I should be happy to just place my things where others can tend them and be done with it. My goal this year is to publish, publish, publish. Time to paint, create more card designs,work on my illustrated book, and re-work the coloring book. Above all, get a publisher to take some of this off my hands. Self publishing is a big job and I'd rather spend that time creating.

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