Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Practice Painting -More Grisaille Practice

I painted two closed buds yesterday on my practice canvas. (My original painting is still not dry. Oy.) The first one was originally done in tones of burnt sienna, which I've read is a stable color for under painting. I really didn't like it though, so I painted the second one in cool grays, which seem much more neutral to me. Then I couldn't help myself, I repainted some of the first one in gray -- so you really can't see a totally sienna one.

Later, in the evening, I fooled around some more and added the beginnings of berries, stems, and leafy things. I might as well see if I can make this into a painting in the end. We'll see.

I think I have to begin another canvas or two if I am going to work in oil. Even using a fast-drying medium, drying time is so much slower than I'm used to.

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