Friday, January 21, 2011

Evening Bouquet - session 1

While waiting for my other canvases to dry, I've sketched a bouquet in light gray on a mottled background of dark purple and green. I decided not to sketch this out on paper to begin, but rather to design as I go. We'll see how this works out. So far, I like the composition. The only thing missing is the ribbon holding the bouquet together. I'm always nervous doing this part, as it is the most difficult to design.

Don't ask me why, for the past few years, I have been obsessed with tangled bouquets tied up loosely with cord or ribbon. Perhaps this is a reflection of how my life is right now: a beautiful but tangled mess of disparate elements, nearly out of control but somehow held together; unnecessarily complex. All it would take is a small nudge and the whole thing could fall apart.

A note about my style:
Although I use real flora as a guide, I am not interested in complete realism. I like to create fantasy leaves and flowers which hint of the actual but do not reproduce it. I very much admire the work of William Morris. And while I admire landscape painting, I'm a bit bored by the prospect of actually painting landscapes.

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