Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Snowflake Party 2010

Dozens of people showed up for the Snowflake Party Open House this past weekend. It was a beautiful, fun day of food, fellowship, and papercutting.

People came by two's and three's all during the day and evening.

I sold several things at the Itty Bitty Art Gallery in the living room as well.

Two of my friends from Barrington High School drove all the way from Rhode Island (3.5 hours) for the party. Sweet!

Here is a poem that one of them, Gail Diodotti, wrote for this occasion and gave to me as a gift:


One night I saw the snowflakes fall
Past memories for me it did recall,
And as the snow fell to the ground
So quietly without a sound
I watched the blanket that it made
Until the brown earth it did fade.
So pure and clean like when we're born
The sun came out and it was gone.
I thought of friendship in the past,
Seemed perfect thought they did not last.
And family ties once meant so much
Now it's a struggle to keep in touch!
So quickly life can take a turn
Yet slowly we do seem to learn
So many things in life can change
And suddenly be rearranged.
As melted snow turns into slush
Relationships can turn to dust.
So this year for the Holiday
Tell someone you love them every day.
Don't take for granted they'll remain
That life forever will be the same.

The table looked like this at the beginning, but by day's end it was overloaded with goodies people had brought.

What fun we had. I hope you will consider coming next year.

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