Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fancy Names

Have you ever noticed that abilities tend to progress in leaps rather than slow, steady increase? This is what has happened recently with my calligraphic talents. Two years ago I wrote fancy names on my daughter's wedding invitations. They were very nice. But this season, without any more practice, my lettering has taken a huge leap forward. Perhaps it is a reflection of how much better I feel about myself. After all, I find that what the hand can do is greatly influenced by the emotions coursing through the body.

Last night, after writing names on Christmas presents, I was so happy with what I was creating that I stayed up an extra hour to fool around with fancy writing. Unfortunately, my pen leaked. Now my thumb and middle finger have huge india ink stains. Ha! I guess that shows I've been working.

For years I have enjoyed scribing in fancy lettering when I've had to address envelopes...

make invitations, create awards and the like. I'm not a "real" calligrapher. I don't have a portfolio of various styles I can write in. My style is... swirly. Nevertheless, I've suddenly become much bolder and I like the results.    But don't ask me to write something for you, Please.   I already have too many hats to wear.