Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happiness to All of You (Except the Turkey)

Although I am celebrating the American Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow, I know that feasts of faith and thanks are celebrated by people all over the world. Happiness to you all.

At the moment, I am taking a break from cooking and cleaning to get ready for a house full of loved ones. My dishwasher finally got fixed an hour ago. Praise the Heavens! While I rest,I thought you might be interested in some non-traditional turkey art.

The woods have been full of hunters for the past few weeks. Craig Fairbert captures that in his masterful painting.
I keep thinking of my lonely turkey who paid me a visit last week (see previous post.)
Maybe he will get revenge as in this Norman Rockwell painting.

John Currin always puts a slightly grotesque spin on every subject he paints. (The bird they are feasting on looks raw to me. Ew.)

I like this classical work by DaVinci, photoshopped by anonymous with a holiday bird.

Well, back to the kitchen. This is what I will be doing in a few hours.

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