Saturday, November 27, 2010

Find me at Arjuna

There is a sweet little gift boutique in the center of Woodstock Village called Arjuna where Toni Zito sells wonderful jewelry, a plethora of scarves, miscellaneous gifts from around the world, and beautiful things from local artisans. I highly recommend that you visit the next time you are in Vermont.This year I have some of my kirigami snowflakes at Arjuna, as well as a dozen Hat & Coat Ornaments. I went in on Wednesday to help Toni price and set them up. While we were still pricing them, a woman bought half the snowflakes and someone else bought four hat ornaments! I had to re-stock after one day. Yikes.
December is always a whirlwind of crafting activity which I've learned to relax and enjoy. Ice is forming on the stream outside my studio window and an occasional snowflake drifts by. Now that Thanksgiving is over, I will be getting ready for my Snowflake Party on the 5th (See the invitation HERE.) and re-stocking the Itty Bitty Art Gallery in the living room with my cards and gifts. I will keep you updated.

Enjoy the winter!

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