Monday, November 29, 2010

Camera Woes

My wonderful ancient Olympus digital camera went into retirement after an accident last week so I went out and bought a brand spanking new Cannon SX130 IS digital camera. Oi. While it is superior to my old camera in its capacity and resolution, in some ways it is too fancy for its own good. I really really miss having a viewfinder. And it is so sensitive that half my photos come out blurred. (Now I have to create a photo box or tripod arrangement where I can shoot straight down. Sigh.) Perhaps I just need to learn to use it better. The colors seem darker too.

I'm feeling exhausted by all these rapid technological changes. Each item I own seems to have a steep learning "hill" to climb and as soon as I feel I've mastered it, the capacity of my machine is out of date and another learning hill awaits me. Nobody fixes anything these days either. I wanted to just fix my old camera but the three camera shops that used to be in my area have all been driven out of business by Best Buy and Walmart. And another thing... (I'm ranting today. I must be tired.) Why does everything have to be so complicated? I just want a simple camera with really good resolution. The simple ones seem to be the cheap, crappy ones. Same with my printer, my computer, even my phone.

OK. That's enough whining. Shown here are the two ribbonwork hat ornaments I did yesterday. They came out a wee bit fuzzy and the color is off. Dang it. They are much prettier in person.

Tonight I need to get to bed earlier so I'm not so crabby tomorrow.

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