Monday, October 11, 2010

My New Little Shop - Benevolence Bound

I've been gradually setting up shop for the past few weeks, setting up one room and then another. Yesterday I spent four hours setting up the tiny, closet-like room between the gift room and the art-to-wear room. This will be the space for Benevolence Bound clothing. Benevolence Bound is a small Vermont clothing company for which I create all the designs. They advocate for the use of industrial hemp - so all the designs have hemp leaves woven into them. You can see more information on my main website:

All the old tee shirts, printed on regular cotton, are on sale for $10 each because they are being discontinued. From now on, BB will only be printing on renewable fibers such as hemp, soy, organic cotton, bamboo, and milk.

Hopefully, this will bring yet another category of client into the shop. One never knows, however. Yesterday as I was setting it up, a well- dressed tourist couple came into the shop, looked at the gifts, and then poked their heads into the BB closet. Right away they bought two shirts. "Oh," I said, "Do you know about industrial hemp?" The man took off his jacket, rolled up his shirtsleeve and showed me his colorful pot leaf tattoo. He grinned widely and said, "I've been an advocate for a long time." Yowza.

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