Saturday, October 23, 2010

Getting Organized

I've wanted to add beads to some of the flower ornaments I am currently making. Unfortunately, I haven't beaded in a while and my supplies were strewn hither and yon, stuffed into little bags or orphaned in a lonely drawer somewhere. So, of course, I spent the evening organizing my beading supplies.

I'm the kind of person who can't work well in an untidy workspace. My head gets all jumbled up when my environment is in chaos. Order is essential to my ability to function. (Not true for everyone. Several of my children seem to function quite well in the midst of chaos and the black hole that is their bedroom.) My mother calls me the Organizing Queen. That's a misnomer. Ordering things is merely my desperate attempt to save my head from exploding when confronted with the overwhelming amount of Stuff I have. The curse of loving arts and crafts is that over the years one accumulates a mountain of supplies and equipment. More stuff, more to keep organized. Half my life is tidying.

For me, the most important element of being organized is clear viewing. If something is hidden away in a box or drawer and I can't see it, it either doesn't get used or I assume I don't have one and buy another. (I swear these things are alive and this is the way they multiply.)

So, I am creating a new category for this blog called "Getting Organized" in which I will periodically share my attempts to create order in my art life. You may enjoy my tips and I welcome yours. Here's more of what I worked on last night:

I still don't have a very good setup for ribbon. That will be a future project. I will let you know what I come up with.
Onward and upward....

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