Friday, October 8, 2010

Art to Wear: Ornamenting

As I mentioned yesterday, I am gearing up to again create one of a kind art to wear. Instead of cutting kirigami, the handwork I will be doing at night for the next few months will be ornaments decorating my wearables, especially the hats.

Some of the flowers and leaves on my clothing are made from polartec fleece but some hats have fancier decor which detaches for cleaning. I make these from ribbon, feathers, beads and buttons. I normally keep a drawer full of flowers on hand when making hats. The process is very organic and I want to sample how several of them look before deciding what works best. Here is my current stash of partially finished flowers made from ribbon or fancy fabric. These will eventually have more flourish:

They will be combined with leaves and flounces to make a charming "boutonier."

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